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Kunstmatige intelligentie: nu ook voor dichters!

Ik heb de kunstmatige intelligentie van het geweldige platform OpenAi ( de opdracht gegeven om een gedicht te schrijven over participatie in de stijl van William Shakespeare.

Na 0.79 seconden kwam de AI met het volgende:

The common people are the life of a nation

Their voices matter, their presence can't be ignored

Without them a nation will soon find stagnation

For the people have all the power that is stored

The people must speak and share their opinion

For their words lead to the path of comprehension

Where the leaders act with their own discretion

The people can rise up for their own salvation

The men and women of this great land

Must come together and make a stand

For the people are the ones who must decide

On the future of the nation, a path that can't be denied

The people must speak with one loud voice

For the nation must not make any wrong choice

For the people are the ones who must act

To bring on the nation's true rebirth and a path that will last.

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