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”Today we are aware of the role played by cognitive bias in our judgment to trust philosophy to produce a miracle. We see how public opinion is more and more polarised, misinformed, influenced by irrational beliefs, and how public dialogue can be dominated and silenced by poorly argued slogans. These phenomena have always existed but have been recently sharpened by the contemporary dynamics of information. They inevitably raise the question whether our societies are still grounded in a rational exchange of ideas, and whether the mission of public philosophy is vain and naive after all.

Few public philosophers are under the illusion that their activity will transform the general population into lucid, rational and well-informed citizens. Public philosophy is not some kind of panacea. But I do believe that, despite all contingent and historical difficulties or our personal weaknesses, rational thinking has a key role to play in society, and that philosophers can stimulate meaningful public conversations about what really matters.”

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